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Just here to say that a Dr.Stone Amino has been made if anyone's interested in joining ^_^
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Rellene un la información de suika

Llene la apariencia, habilidades , etc. me faltaron cosas pero no se si les gustaran es pero que les guste
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Main bar add

well I added suika to primitive humans on the main bar, hope there is no problem
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Its Done... Kinda

I have made the discord server and I have made... some of what we need so I'm asking the admins if they could join and help me build it.
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yo guys now that we are getting some members I'm thinking of making a discord server.. what do you guys think?
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Hello wiki it has been a while, I just wanted to ask if I could be a admin, being just a bystander does not give me the resources I need to help as much as I want or need to.
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I was wondering if you guys would help support me in becoming the new admin of this website. As of right now this wiki has hardly any descriptions on the characters and other aspects of Sr. Stone. I would like to help make this wiki a better source of information and also a better online community. Please vote for me.
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yo guys I'm jojosus and I'm starting on this page I have been reading Dr. Stone since it came out and I'm happy to be here
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