Stone Wars is the 46th chapter of the Dr Stone manga.

Summary - Edit

The chapter opens with Gen explaining Tsukasa is making his way to conquer the village, in the unlikely event Senku is still alive. He goes on to say that the most dangerous of Tsukasa‘s army is a man named Hyouga. He tells Senku’s that if either Hyouga or Tsukasa are coming, their only option is to run. Back at the banquet, Kinrou and Ginrou are keeping guard - although Ginrou is more concerned about the party he’s missing out on. Suddenly they hear rustling in the forest and Kinrou tells Ginrou to head back and sound the alarm.

While a large group of Tsukasa’s army waits outside, Kinrou explains that if the enemy beats him, cut down the bridge. The army attack Kinrou as a shadowy figure compliments his strategy. As one of the army fall, the figure - Hyouga - asks him if he really thought he could beat a spear-weilding opponent with a sword. Hyouga jumps down and decides to face Kinrou one-on-one at the bridge.

Hyouga notices Kinrou‘s bad eyesight. Back at the banquet, Gen tells Senku he’s pretending to be a spy for Tsukasa. Suddenly, Ginrou appears and alerts everyone that the enemy has arrived. On the bridge, Hyouga attacks Kinrou and knocks him off balance. Kinrou notes his spear thrusts are almost impossibly fast. Senku goes to prepare to fight but Gen informs him the one Kinrou is fighting, is none other than Hyouga himself. Hyouga rams his spear into Kinrou causing him to topple of the bridge - leaving him stuck and barely holding on to the side. He tells Ginrou to cut down the bridge as Kohaku tries to run to him.

Ginrou tears up and tells him there’s no way he could do that, since it would mean killing him. Senku watches this and suddenly grabs Kaseki‘s pipe. He remarks how once this is over, he‘s gonna have to get some more gunpowder. Gen then asks who is the strongest in the village - to which Chrom replies is Magma. Gen tells him to throw a rock as hard as possible at Hyouga, and tells him he’ll let him be chief if he cooperates. Senku then lights the pipe as Magma throws the rock . This causes a massive explosion, surprising even Hyouga. Gen then bluffs that the village has managed to achieve guns. As he and the army run away, Hyouga realises that Senku’s must be alive. Senku comes out and shows himself, telling him they completed guns a long time ago. Hyougare remarks that Tsukasa will be over the moon. Senku’s then tells hi to go and tell Tsukasa he’s still alive.


The strategist Hyouga makes his debut


Senku declares war on Tsukasa

Characters In Order Of Appearance - Edit

  • Senku
  • Tsukasa (flashback)
  • Gen
  • Kohaku
  • Chrome
  • Kinrou
  • Ginrou
  • Hyouga
  • Magma

Trivia - Edit

Hyouga means ”glacier” in Japanese, which could mean Hyouga is in some way connected to ice, or may be referring to his cold personality.