Humanity's Strongest Weapon is the fiftieth chapter of Dr. Stone manga.

Summary Edit

Tsukasa depetrifies Hyouga. It also shows others that are part of Tsukasa Empire. Hyouga, a girl, a runner, a bald man and an archer.

It shows Tsukasa Empire Fortress with bridges, campfires and tree houses.

Another girl tells about how they have to work everyday that they were practically slaves. Tsukasa asks Hyouga about rich fat old men.

Hyouga said that Asagiri Gen is utter falsehood and the Ishigami Village has great scientific power and Senku is still alive. page 9 Senku has no ingredients for the stone formula. page 10

They plan a preemptive attack as Gen tells that Tsukasa Empire has more soldiers the more time passes by. Senku plants to use the most powerful weapon in 2 million years of humanity and its not Nuclear Weapons but Communication Technology. page 11-15

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit