Homura is a minor-antagonist in Dr. Stone. She acts as the right-hand man of Hyouga in Tsukasa's army.


Homura is a skinny female with long green hair. She has a distinguishable mole on the left of her mouth. As for clothing, Homura is dressed in a leather skirt with a white fur trim. On her head she wears a feathered and ruffled headpiece. Homura also has a crack on her leg, meaning that she was probably revived using the Stone Formula, and is a pre-petrification human.


In Chapter 49, when Ishigami Village is busy defending against Hyouga's army, Homura backdoors the village (by swimming) and ignites it on fire. Hyouga describes her as his right-hand man who can do things properly, unlike the rest of his squadron.

In Chapter 51, we see Senku find out that Homura is still surveilling the village after the battle, as demanded by Hyouga. Senku decides to leave her a little treat, fairy floss (or cotton candy), explaining that Homura might feel lonely.

The problem of Homura's surveillance is still present when Senku tries to deliver a cellphone to Taiju and Yuzuriha. In order to execute their plan, Senku creates a distraction (detonating gas) so that Magma, Chrome and Asagiri can deliver the cellphone. Chapter 61

Catching Homura Arc Edit

Senku uses black jewel powder to track Homura but notices it. chapter 63 page 11 Asagiri Gen knows that Homura is after them and uses a trick to trap her with a pincer attack. chapter 63 page 8-16

Senku draws the place using morse code. chapter 63 page 12-13

"Since Homura started tailing us fist now with the cellphone to transmit our positional data we can see the lay-out of all the game pieces."

She hears radio waves and climbs to destroy it. But Magma and Kinro cuts the tree and Kohaku catches her. page 15-18

Homura sitting

Homura sitting