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Kaseki is an old man artisan and an expert craftsmen, who resides in the village.

Appearance Edit

Kaseki is a bald, short and muscular old man with a large white beard.

Personality Edit

Abilities and Skills Edit

Intelligence Edit

Kaseki is artisan who is very profitiant at what he does. Kaseki has shown to complete tasks that even Senku could not, like shaping glass.

Kaseki is also a fast learner as seen when he easily learned how to make Japanese swords[1]

Physical Abilities Edit

Kaseki's physical abilities are high, because of his very muscular build. Kaseki might have a very built body, but he has minimal skill in combat.

History Edit

Just like the rest of the village, Kaseki is a primitive human. Kaseki is also a descendant of Byakuya Ishigami and his crew. In his youth kaseki loved crafting all manner of creation however that made the other villigers look at him with distain in response Kaseki built the Bridges that connect the Ishigami village and started creating the shields for the tribe

Plot Edit

Kaseki swordsmanship
He made the shield for Kohaku's father Kokuyou when he won the village games, which was given to Kohaku as a gift.

After Senku became the village head, Kaseki helped in the advancement of their people in his ways. For the village's advancement, Senku along with Kaseki start forging Japanese swords for all their warriors. Senku explains how the task of making these swords is very difficult and tedious, but kaseki easily learns it. Kaseki was able to make enough swords to equip every capable fighter in the village. [2]

kaseki along with Chrome spent three days to build a water wheel/mill, but to their surprise Senku already knew about this invention. The water wheel was then used along with the cotton candy tool to create an electrical water powered generator.[3]

Relationships Edit

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Reference Edit

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