Two Kingdoms of the Stone World (石の世界の二つの国 Ishi no Sekai no Futatsu no Kuni?) is the second volume of the Dr. Stone series.


Now that Taiju and Senku have been able to free Yuzuhira from petrification, they’re going to have to move fast if they want to outwit and outrun Tsukasa. But how can they fight against a guy who took out a pack of lions bare-handed?!

Senku’s got the brains but lack the brawn. Taiju’s stamina is endless, but he’s a pacifist. And Yuzuhira’s still a bit dazed from her petrification. The only solution Senku can think of is to speed up civilization process by a couple million years in order to re-create… gunpower! And it’s a good thing they got a headstart because Tsukasa’s already figured out what they’re trying to do and where they’re heading.

Can Senku outsmart Tsukasa? Or will Tsukasa’s overwhelming martial strenght be too much to handle? The showdown between Senku and Tsukasa with humankind’s revival at stake begins!


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